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About aayam shiksha

A one-liner introduction about Aayam Shiksha is that we provide admission solutions and counseling for Students from different fields. We make sure to provide you with the best admission resources that we have which are in your budget as well !! Choose from the wide list of colleges that we have according to the state that you would reside in. Just sit back, relax and let us do the rest for you! Doubt about it? Go ahead and experience it yourself!

Also, if you have any college or course in mind that you do not see that from our list, let us know in that case as well. Now, why should you do that when you don’t see the college or course which you want?? Well, you never know that you might be in luck and maybe we can provide you the same as well! No harm in asking right?! So feel free to contact us with any queries or questions arising in your mind and we will get in touch with you for sure.

We Provide Admission In Top Colleges Of India
Top Colleges In India

Our Aim and Goal

Aayam Shiksha as the name suggests is an acronym for Common Education. We came up with this idea last year in 2017 of opening up a company for educating the common students with ease who either do not get the proper resources or by any other way are not able to get the learning and education they always wished for.

How many students in India have access to the teaching and knowledge of Top institutions like IITs, NITs or IIMs. A Student after passing his senior secondary dreams of getting into such institutes and prepares day in and out for getting that one chance to be enrolled. There are limited seats and ultimately if he doesn't clear the entrance, his dream remains a dream and he/she is dejected by taking admission in a secondary college instead of wasting a year.

The reason we have chosen this field is sole to educate students through online learning or e-learning for the people who want to improve their knowledge by providing better resources. YES! You heard that right, we are in the making of providing you the SAME thing taught to the students present in IIT’s, NIT’s and IIM’s by the teachers themselves !! You can sit at home, at a coffee shop or even your best friends place and get access to this teaching 24x7!!

NOW. NOW. We are sure that just reading through this and getting this sheer idea has made you excited and you would not want to wait a bit for this. Unfortunately, all good things take time right and for us to ensure that you get nothing but the best is what is taking some time! ☹ BUT cheer up and be with us until the time we drop that BIG NEWS and also, spread the word as well? I mean, why would you NOT share such a news ??

Concluding, we promise to deliver you with nothing but the best and are just closing in with the final touches. Stay tuned folks!

Why Choose Us?

Why settle for less, when you can get the best.

In a world filled with a plethora of options to choose from, finding the right College and Career choice can be a daunting task. We believe in providing the best solutions without you having to compromise on anything; anything at all.

Don’t underestimate your skill due to low marks, allow us to let you help you resolve it. Expect ALL of your concern and queries to be answered with clarity, precision, and accuracy. Assurance of no vague and cloudy promises.